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Approaching the
Kabbalah of Maat

First Edition. 2013. Hardcover. 8vo. (9 x 6 inches / 228 x 152 mm), xxii + 334pp. Black cloth with spine lettered in silver-gilt, and silver-gilt device on front board. Full color dustjacket. Printed on acid free paper. Sewn. Black and white frontispiece. Numerous black and white illustrations, diagrams and tables in text. ISBN: 9780933429338. (43768) $50.00

by Don Karr

With a Foreword by Colin Low

Edition limited to 416 numbered copies.

"Approaching the Kabbalah of Maat" explores three radical expressions of modern goddess-inclusive occult theory and practice that evolved in the late twentieth century. Drawing from the same broad esoteric lineage that produced Aleister Crowley, Frater Achad, and Kenneth Grant, Maat magicians and theosophists such as Nema, Aion, 416 and others, developed new concepts of personal and cultural evolution, weaving æonic theory and kabbalah into revolutionary tenets and practices. The text is supplemented by transcriptions of original documents, diagrams and artwork by individuals and groups involved in Maatian practice, including a significant collection of material from the Thelemically-inclined occult order, the OAI. The book also offers a well-researched history of the esoteric streams that gave rise to the progressive/subversive methods of Maat magick, and the broader cultural movements and upheavals which also contributed to them.

The author, Don Karr, is a well-known scholar of the hermetic arts. He is the co-author of two books in the acclaimed "Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series" (with Stephen Skinner) and is also the author of numerous articles on Jewish mysticism and its influence on the Western esoteric tradition.


by Robert C. Stein

Edition limited to 418 numbered copies.

"The Mystery of the Letters and The Tree of Life" begins with an examination and analysis of the "Class A" texts of the Thelemic canon, with special emphasis on the manuscript of "The Book of the Law" which the author reminds us was unequivocally declared by Crowley to stand above all other texts as the first and final authority on Thelemic belief and philosophy. Stein surveys the mysteries and questions it poses, and encourages his readers to study a copy of the manuscript themselves, so as to derive a personal understanding from it. He then examines the symbolism of Thelema by comparison to archetypal messages expressed historically through god-forms, kabalah, trigrams (I Ching), Tree of Life models, and alphabets. Stein further proposes a three-dimensional Tree of Life, relates it to Tarot and the paths in Liber 231. "The Mystery of the Letters and The Tree of Life" is not an "introductory work" or a "beginner's guide," but a serious and challenging study of a complex subject.

The author, Robert C. Stein, is a Professor Emeritus of Biology in the State University System, whose involvement in the study and practice of Thelema spans three decades and travels in five continents. In writing this study he has, as far as possible, approached the texts from a scientific and logical viewpoint, and in most instances has included facsimile excerpts of the pertinent material illustrating the basis of his thought.

The Mystery
Of The Letters

First Edition. 2012. Hardcover. Large 8vo. (8.75 x 6.75 inches / 220 x 170 mm), xiv + 250pp. Blue natural cloth with spine lettered in gilt, and gilt device on front board. Sewn. Printed on acid free paper. Color frontispiece and illustrations. Numerous black and white illustrations, diagrams and tables in text.
ISBN: 9780933429260. (41248) SOLD OUT


Aletheia. Astrology
In The New Aeon for Thelemites

Hardcover. Small 8vo. (6.25 x 4.5 inches / 158 x 114 mm) xxii + 136pp (xx). Black cloth spine with red paper-covered boards, spine lettered in gilt, upper board lettered in black. Appendix, illustration, blank note pages at rear.
ISBN: 9780993429888. (40118) $30.00

by J. Edward Cornelius

Edition limited to 418 numbered copies.

"Aletheia," is a short, practical work on astrology, with the emphasis on its use as a tool for self-knowledge and mastery by the magician or mystic. It draws from and builds upon the insights of Aleister Crowley and examines, amongst other things, the relationship between astrology and the Tree of Life, the Daimon (or "Holy Guardian Angel"), and the initiatory system as taught by Crowley. Chapters comprise: Introduction, Foundations, Our Daimon and Kundalini, The Three Fates, The Lot of Fortune and the Nodes, The Tree of Life is Constantly Growing, The Twelve Houses and the Tree of Life, Interpreting the Houses, The Planets, The Mystery of Chiron, Ceres and the Asteroid Belt, The First Four Houses and the Man of Earth, Aspects, Conclusion.

The author, J. Edward (Jerry) Cornelius has studied astrology, magick, mysticism, religion and tarot since the 1960s. He join the Ordo Templi Orientis and the A.'. A .'. in the late 1970s, where he was mentored by Grady Louis McMurtry (1918-1985), one of Aleister Crowley's leading American disciples. Following McMurtry’s death Cornelius became the head of McMurtry’s A.'. A .'. lineage, which he retains to this day, although he has relinquished his O.T.O. membership. He is well known as one of the principal authors and publishers, of "Red Flame, A Thelemic Research Journal," as the compiler of the Thelemic magazine "Cornelia," and as the author of the books "Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board," and "The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley."


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