The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries. A Dissertation. Thomas TAYLOR, M. D. Alexander Wilder.

The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries. A Dissertation.

San Diego: Wizards Bookshelf, 1987. Reprint. Hardcover. Octavo. xx + 176pp. Brown faux leather with gilt to spine and cover, printed endpapers, appendix and glossary. A volume from the Secret Doctrine Reference Series which reprints works which were important to Mme. Blavatsky, and upon which she relied or quoted heavily from when writing "The Secret Doctrine." First published in 1790, this remains one of Taylor's most respected essays. Thomas Taylor (1758 - 1835), was a leading exponent of Neo-Platonic thought, and was largely responsible for it's rediscovery in English-speaking esoteric circles, by his translations of Iamblichus, Proclus, Porphyry and other Neoplatonists and Pythagoreans. Taylor, a one time bank-clerk who devoted himself to the classics, was said to be such a devotee of Hellenic paganism that he and his wife spoke only to one another in classical Greek, and his translations were for decades those most commonly used. Appears as new - thus a tight, bright Fine copy (no dust jacket issued). Item #65614
ISBN: 0913510726

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