AMBIX. The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Vol. XXXI, No. 1. March 1984. Dr. M. A. SUTTON.

AMBIX. The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Vol. XXXI, No. 1. March 1984.

Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons LTD., 1984. First Edition. Softcover. Small quarto journal. Original printed wrappers. 50 pp. Ambix is the beautifully-produced journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry (SHAC). "Founded in 1937, SHAC has consistently maintained the highest standards of scholarship in all aspects of the history of alchemy and chemistry from early times to the present." Articles: J. B. Van Mons' Essai sur les principes de la chemie antiphlogistique: A Mystery Solved. By C. E. Perrin, Alchemy, "Locus" of Renewal for Writing in the Moyen de Parvenir of Beroalde de Verville (1610). By Ilana Zinguer, The Course of Chemical Change: The Life and Times of Augustus G. Vernon, Harcourt (1834-1919). By M. Christine King, The Preparation and Uses of Artificial Mineral Waters (ca. 1680-1825). By Noel, G. Coley, Notices, Reviews of Books: Theatrum Chemicum, praecipuos selectorum auctorum Tractatus de Chemiae et, Lapidis Philosophici antiquitate, veritate, jure, praestantia, & operationibus vols. Argentorati: Sumptibus Heredum Eberhardi Zetzneri, 1659-1661. With separately bound Introduzione by Maurizio Barrancano, Electrons and Valence. Development of the Theory, 1900-1925. By Anthony N. Stranges, Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Pharmakognosie als selbständiges, Hochschulfach an der Ludwig-Maxmilians-Universität Ingolstadt-Landshut, München. (Quellen und Studien zur Geschichte der Pharmazie, Band 17). By Iris Renner, Paracelsus. An Introduction to Philosophical Medicine in the Era of the Renaissance. 2nd revised edition. By Walter Pagel, The Royal Society and its Fellows 1660-1700. The Morphology of an Early Scientific Institution. (BSHS Monograph 4.) By Michael Hunter, Liebigs Experimentalvorlesung: Vorlesungsbuch und Kekulés Mitschrift. Edited with a commentary by Otto Paul Krätz and Claus Priesner, with contributions by Otto Krätz, Annemarie Diem and Sigrid von Moisy, Mary Somerville and the Cultivation of Science, 1815-1840. By Elizabeth C. Patterson, Joseph Black 1728-1799. A Commemorative Symposium. Edited by A. D. C. Simpson, Short Notices of Books . Fine Condition. Item #34356

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