Item #34381 AMBIX. The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Vol. XL, No. 2, July 1993. Dr. Gerrylynn K. ROBERTS.

AMBIX. The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Vol. XL, No. 2, July 1993.

Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons LTD., 1993. First Edition. Softcover. Small quarto journal. Original printed wrappers. 56 pp. Ambix is the beautifully-produced journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry (SHAC). "Founded in 1937, SHAC has consistently maintained the highest standards of scholarship in all aspects of the history of alchemy and chemistry from early times to the present." Articles: Alchemy and the Society of Jesus in the Seventeenth Century: Strange Bedfellows? By Martha Baldwin; Justus von Liebig, Eben Horsford and the Development of the Baking Powder Industry. By Paul R. Jones; Adolphe Wurtz and the Atomism Controversy. By Ana Carneiro; Essay Review: Psyche and Matter. By Marie-Louise Franz. Boston, London: Shambala Publications, 1992. Rev. by Kenneth Craven; Reviews of Books: Faszination Chemie: 7000 Jahre Lehre von Stoffen und Prozessen. By Otto Krätz. Munich: Callwey Verlag, 1990. Rev. by George B. Kauffman; Histoire de la chimie. By Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent and Isabelle Stengers. Paris: Editions Découverte, 1993. Rev. by Maurice Crosland; The Fontana History of Chemistry. By William H. Brock. London: Fontana Press, 1992. Rev. by Alec Campbell; The History of Chemistry. By John Hudson. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1992.Rev. by Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent A History of the International Chemical Industry. By Fred Aftalion. Trs. Otto Theodor Benfey. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991. Rev. by W.H. Brock; Square Rounds. By Tony Harrison. London, Boston: Faber and Faber, 1992. Rev. by Pat Munday; Science Preserved. A Directory of Scientific Instruments in Collections in the United Kingdom and Eire. By Mary Holbrook, with R.G.W. Anderson and D.G. Bryden. London: HMSO, 1992. Rev. by Frank Greenaway; The Laboratory Revolution in Medicine. Edited by Andrew Cunningham and Perry Williams. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. Rev. by Michael Worboys; Die okkulten Wissenschaften in der Renaissance. Edited by August Buck. (Wolfenbütteler Abhandlungen zur Renaissanceforschung, Bd. 12). Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1992. Rev. by Marianne Winder; Rationalité de l'Alchimie au XVIIe Siècle. By Bernard Joly. Includes Latin text and French translation of Manuscriptum ad Fredericum (1653) by Pierre-Jean Fabre. Paris: Libraire Philosophique J. Vrin, 1992. Rev. by Allen G. Debus; The Rise of Public Science. Rhetoric, Technology, and Natural Philosophy in Newtonian Britain, 1660-1750. By Larry Stewart. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. Rev. by Anita Guerrini; Science as Public Culture. Chemistry and the Enlightenment in Britain, 1760-1820. By Jan Golinski. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. Rev. by R.G.W. Anderson; LAVOISIER et le Révolution Chimique. Edited by Michelle Goupil with Patrice Bret and Francine Masson. [SABIX-Société des Amis de la Bibliothéque de l'Ecole polytechnique]. Paris: Ecole polytechnique, 1992. Rev. by Arthur Donovan; Enlightenment Science in the Romantic Era. The Chemistry of Berzelius & its Culture Setting. Edited by Evan M. Melhado and Tore Frängsmyr. Cambridge:Cambridge University Press, 1992. Rev. by Mi Gyung Kim 108 Goethe und die Naturwissenschaften. By Otto Krätz. Munich: George Callwey Verlag, 1992. Rev. by George B. Kauffman; Humphry Davy. Science and Power. By David Knight. Oxford: Blackwell, 1992. Rev. by Frank Greenaway; Die streitbaren Gelehrten. Justus Liebig und die preußischen Universitäten. Kommentierte Edition eines historischen Disputes. Edited by Regine Zott and Emil Heuser. (Berliner Beitrage zur Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik, 15). Berlin ERS (Ellen R. Swinne) - Verlag, 1992. Rev. by W.H.Brock 110; Universität und Ministerium im Vormärz. Justus Liebigs Briefwechsel mit Justin von Linde. By Eva-Marie Felschow und Emil Heuser. (Studiana Giessensia 3). Giessen: Verlag der Ferber'schen Universitäts-Buchhandlung,1992. Rev. by W.H. Brock; Lettere a Stanislao Cannizzaro. Scritti e Carteggi 1857-1862. Edited by Leonello Paoloni. Palermo: Facoltà di Scienza, Università di Palermo. Rev. by Catherine Kounelis; Die Allianz von Wissenschaft und Industrie: August Wilhelm Hofmann (1818-1892): Zeit, Werk, Wirkung. Edited by C. Meinel and H. Scholz. Weinheim, New York, Cambridge, Basel: VCH, 1992. Rev. by David H. Leaback; Nationalism and Internationalism in Science 1880-1939. Four Studies of the Nobel Population. By Elisabeth Crawford. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. Rev. by Peter Collins; Penicillin-herstellung. Von den Anfängen bis zur Großproduktion. By Ingrid Pieroth. (Heidelberger Schriften zur Pharmazie- und Naturwissenschaftsgeschichte, Bd. 9). Stuttgart: Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgessellschaft, 1992. Rev. by Trevor I. Williams; Glaxo: A History to 1962. By R. P. T. Davenport-Hines and Judy Slinn. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. Rev. by T.B. Mepham; Skeptical Biochemist. By Joseph S. Fruton. Cambridge, MA: Harvard; University Press, 1992. Rev. by Mikulas Teich; Following the Trail of Light. A Scientific Odyssey. By Melvin Calvin.(Profiles, Pathways and Dreams Series). Washington DC: American Chemical Society, 1992. Rev. by Lord Porter; Rosarium Philosophorum. Ein alchemisches Florilegium des Spätmittelalters. (Faksimilie der illustrierten Erstausgabe Frankfurt 1550). Edited by Joachim Telle with German translation by Lutz Claren and Joachim Huber. 2 vols. Weinheim: VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, 1992. Rev. by Joscelyn Godwin. Fine Condition. Item #34381

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