AMBIX. The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Vol. XLIII, No. 2, July 1996. Dr. Gerrylynn K. ROBERTS.

AMBIX. The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Vol. XLIII, No. 2, July 1996.

Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons LTD., 1996. First Edition. Softcover. Small quarto journal. Original printed wrappers. 64 pp. Ambix is the beautifully-produced journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry (SHAC). "Founded in 1937, SHAC has consistently maintained the highest standards of scholarship in all aspects of the history of alchemy and chemistry from early times to the present." Articles: Paracelsus, Religion and Dissent: The Case of Philipp Homagius and Georg Zimmermann. By Bruce T. Moran; The Influence of the Central Nitre Theory of Michael Sendivogius on the Chemical Philosophy of the Seventeenth Century. By Zbigniew Szydlo; Essay Review: The Jewish Alchemists, A History and Source Book. By Raphael Patai. Princeton, NJ. Princeton University Press, 1994. Rev. by P.M. Rattansi; Reviews of Books: The Diffident Naturalist. Robert Boyle and the Philosophy of Experiment. By Rose-Mary Sargent. Chicago. University of Chicago Press, 1995. Rev. by M.B. Hall; Historia de las Cátedras de Quimica y Mineralogia de Bergara a finales del siglo XVIII. By Inés Pellón and Ramon Gago. Bergara. Berarako Udala, 1994. Rev. by Amorim Costa; Bibliotheca Lavoiseriana. The Catalogue of the Library of Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. By Marco Beretta. Firenze. Leo S. Olschki, 1995. Rev by W.A. Smeaton; A Scientific Correspondence during the Chemical Revolution. Louis-Bernard Guyton de Morveau and Richard Kirwan, 1782-1802. Ed. by Emmanuel Grison, Michelle Goupil and Patrice Bret. Berkeley, CA. Office for History of Science and Technology, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 1994. Rev. by F. Greenaway; Libres Propos sur l'histoire des sciences. By François Russo. Paris. Bibliothèque Scientifique Albert Blanchard, 1995. Rev. by M. Crosland; The Rise of Early Modern Science. Islam, China and the West. By Toby E. Huff. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1993. Rev. by A.G. Keller; Weighing Imponderables and Other Quantitative Science around 1800. By J.L. Heilbron. Berkeley, CA. Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences. Supplement to vol. 24, Part 1, 1993. Rev. by C. Smith; Paradigmenwechsel und Generationenkonflikt. Eine Fallstudie zur Struktur wissenschaftlicher Revolutionen: die revolution der Chemie des späten 18.Jahrhundert. By Hans-Georg Schneider. Frankfurt. Peter Lang, 1992. Rev. by W.H. Brock; Acquired Taste. The French Origins of Modern Cooking. By T. Sarah Peterson. Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell University Press, 1994. Rev. by M.J. Freeman; Coordination Chemistry. A Century of Progress. Ed. by George B. Kauffman.Washington DC. American Chemical Society, 1994. Rev. by J. Burgess; Drugs and Narcotics in History. Ed. by Roy Porter and Mikulas Teich. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1995. Rev. by M.P. Earles; Optics in the Age of Euler. Conceptions of the Nature of Light, 1700-1795. By Caspar Hakfoort. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1995. Rev. by M.A. Sutton; Robert Boyle by Himself and his Friends, with a fragment of William Wotton's lost Life of Boyle. Ed. with an intro by Michael Hunter. London. William Pickering, 1994. Rev. by D. Thorburn Burns; Samuel Hartlib and Universal Reformation. Studies in Intellectual Communication. Ed. by Mark Greengrass, Michael Leslie and Timothy Raylor. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1994. Rev. by G. Rees; Studia Arnaldiana, Trabajos en torno a la obra médica de Arnau de Vilanova. By Juan A. Paniagua. Barcelona. Fundación Uriach 1838, 1995. Rev. by David Gentilcore; Adam Haslmayr. Der erste Verkünder der Manifeste der Rosenkreuzer. By Carlos Gilly. Pimander: Texts and Studies published by the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, 5. Amsterdam. In de Pelikaan, 1994. Cimelia Rhodostaurotica. Die Rosenkreuzer im Spiegel der zwischen 1610 und 1660 entstandenen Handschriften und Drucke. Ed. by Carlos Gilly. Austellung der Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica Amsterdam und der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel. Amsterdam. In de Pelikaan, 1995. Rev. by H. Hotson; Education, Technology and Industrial Performance in Europe, 1850-1939. Ed. by Robert Fox and Anna Guagnini. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press/Editions de la Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, 1995. Rev. by G.K. Roberts; The Eternal Hermes. From Greek God to Alchemical Magus. By Antoine Faivre. Grand Rapids, MI. Phanes Press, 1995. Rev. by N. Goodrick-Clarke; Die Gerätschaft der chymischen Kunst. Der Traktat "Die Sceuastica Artis" des Andreas Libavius von 1606. By Bettina Meitzner. Stuttgart. Franz Steiner Verlag, 1995. Rev. by R.W. Soukup; Gehennical Fire. The Lives of George Starkey, an American Alchemist in the Scientific Revolution. By William R. Newman. Cambridge, MA. Harvard University Press, 1994. Rev. by A. Clericuzio; Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Vorlesungen über die Experimental-Chemie (1789).Ed. by Rudiger Stoltz, Peter Lange and Rita Schwertner. Berlin. Verlag für Wissenschafts- und Regionalgeschichte, Dr Michael Engel, 1993. Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Chemie nach der Abschrift von Arthur Schopenhauer (1811/12). Ed. by Brita Engel. Berlin. Verlag für Wissenschaftsund Regionalgeschichte, Dr Michael Engel, 1993. Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Chemie nach der Abschrift von Stephan Friedrich Barez (1807/08). Ed. by Brita Engel. Berlin. Verlag für Wissenschafts- und Regionalgeschichte, Dr Michael Engel, 1994. Von der Phlogistik zür modernen Chemie. Symposium aus Anlass des 250. Geburtstages von Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Berlin. Verlag für Wissenschaftsund Regionalgeschichte, Dr Michael Engel, 1994. Rev. by W.A. Campbell; Lavoisier in European Context. Negotiating a New Language for Chemistry. Ed. by Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent and Ferdinando Abbri. Canton, MA. Science History Publications, 1995. Rev. by W.A. Smeaton; Lettere a Stanislao Cannizzaro 1868-1872. Ed. by Leonello Paoloni. Seminariodi Storia della Scienza, Quaderni N.4. Palermo. Facultà di Scienza, Università di Palermo, 1994. Rev. by C. Kounelis; Thinking about Matter. Studies in the History of Chemical Philosophy. By John Hedley Brooke. Aldershot. Variorum, 1995. Rev. by M.G. Kim; Historic Scientific Instruments in Denmark. By Hemming Andersen. Copenhagen. The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, 1995. Rev. by R. Anderson Cultures of Natural History. Ed. by N. Jardine, J.A. Secord and E.C. Spary. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1996. Rev. by D.M. Knight; The Science and Culture of Nutrition, 1840-1940. Ed. by Harmke Kammingaand Andrew Cunningham. Amsterdam. Clio Medica, Rodopi, 1995. Rev. by J. O'Hara-May; Adventures of a Chemist Collector. By Alfred Bader. London. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1995. Rev. by K. Schofield. Fine Condition. Item #34402

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