AMBIX. The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Vol. XLIV, No. 1, March 1997. Dr. Gerrylynn K. ROBERTS.

AMBIX. The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Vol. XLIV, No. 1, March 1997.

Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons LTD., 1997. First Edition. Softcover. Small quarto journal. Original printed wrappers. 56 pp. Ambix is the beautifully-produced journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry (SHAC). "Founded in 1937, SHAC has consistently maintained the highest standards of scholarship in all aspects of the history of alchemy and chemistry from early times to the present." Articles: Public Lectures in Chemistry in Russia, 1750-1860 by Nathan M Brooks; The Introduction of Aniline Dyes to Paper Printing and Queen Victoria's Postage Stamps by Tony Travis and Carsten Reinhardt; The Chemical Philosophy of Theodore W. Richards by Hannah Gay; In Appreciation: Trevor I. Williams (1921-1996); Margaret Mary Haslam (1898-1995); Reviews of Books: Aus dem Leben des Chemikers Julius Lothar Meyer. By Günther Schwanicke.(Vareler Heimathefte 8). Varel. Heimatverein Varel eV, 1995. Rev. by P. Munday Die Schöpfung im Reagenzglas. Eine Geschichte der Basler Chemie (1850- 1920). By Tobias Straumann. Basel. Helbing & Lichtenbahn Verlag, 1995. Rev. by W. Wetzel; Istoriià Otkritiià Elementov Metodami Spektral'nogo Analiza (The History of Chemical Elements Discovered by the Method of Spectral Analysis). By Vadim Petrovich Mel'nikov. Moscow. Nauka, 1995. Rev. by G.B. Kaufmann; Chemical Kinetics and Chain Reactions: Historical Aspects. By V. A. Kritsman, G. E. Zaikov and N. M. Emanuel. Commack, NY. Nova Science Publishers, 1994. Rev. by G.B. Kaufmann; The Chemistry of the Atmosphere - Oxidants and Oxidation in the Earth's Atmosphere. 7th BOC Priestley Conference. Ed. by A. R. Bandy. Cambridge. Royal Society of Chemistry, 1995. Rev. by J. Hudson; Fifty Years of Free Radicals. By Chevres Walling. Washington DC. American Chemical Society, 1995. Rev. by C.A. Russell; Science for All. Studies in the History of Victorian Science and Education. By William H Brock. Aldershot, Hants. VARIORUM, Ashgate Publishing Limited, 1996. Rev. by J.B. Morrell; L'atomo fantasma. Genesi storici dell'ipotesi di Avogadro. By Marco Ciardi. Firenze. Olschki, 1995. Rev. by L. Cerruti; Linus Pauling. A Life in Science and Politics. By Ted Goertzel and Ben Goertzel. New York, NY. Basic Books, 1995. Rev. by W.H. Brock; Appunti Sull'Industria Chimici Dai Viaggi in Inghilterra del 1851 e del 1862. By Raffaele Piria and Ed. by Leonello Paoloni. Seminario di Storia della Scienza, Quaderno N.6. Palermo. Facoltà di Scienze, Università di Palermo,1995. Rev. by N.G. Coley; Paracelso e la tradizone paracelsiana. By Allen G. Debus. Naples. La Citta del Sole, 1996. Rev. by D. Gentilcore; Science and the Shape of Orthodoxy. Intellectual Change in Late Seventeenth-Century Britain. By Michael Hunter. Woodbridge, Suffolk. Boydell and Brewer, 1995. Rev. by S. Pumfrey; André-Marie Ampère. Enlightenment and Electrodynamics. By James R.Hofmann. Cambridge Science Biography Series. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1996. Rev. by C.L. Dowland-Pillinger; Telling Lives in Science. Essays on Scientific Biography. Ed. by Michael Shortland and Richard Yeo. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1996. Rev. by M.A. Sutton. Fine Condition. Item #34404

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