Item #45278 O.T.O. Brochure. An Historical and Modern Perspective. Jerry Cornelius, Aleister CROWLEY, related works, J. Edward, Marlene Cornelius.

O.T.O. Brochure. An Historical and Modern Perspective.

Berkeley, CA: Pangenetor Lodge Publications / The O.T.O., 1995. First Edition Thus. Softcover. 20pp. 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch stapled booklet. Deep red printed card wrappers with black titling within a decorative Greek-revival style border. Comprises a short history of the O.T.O. - compiled from earlier works but with a substantial update on the McMurtry period and thereafter; followed by short pieces on "Initiation and Instruction", "Membership"; "Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica" "O.T.O. and A.'. A.'."; "Publications" "Dues and Fees" and "Additional Information." The final leaf is an "Application for Associate Membership in Ordo Templi Orientis" which was obviously meant to be detached and mailed in by the aspirant. The booklet was published by Pangenetor Lodge of the O.T.O. whose Lodge Master was Marlene Cornelius, then-wife of J. Edward (Jerry) Cornelius, both of whom were closely involved in their production. The couple later went on to publish the well-known "Red Flame" series and are each Thelemic authorities in their own right. As new. A fine copy. Item #45278

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