Lucifer: Princeps.

UK: Scarlet Imprint, 2015. First Edition. Hardcover. Large octavo. viii + 215pp. Bound in chartreuse shot silk, cropped dust jacket, both stamped with the crown emblem, embossed black endpapers. The "Crowned" edition, limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. A study on the origins of the Lucifer mythos by Peter Grey. The fall of Lucifer, and that of the rebel angels who descended upon mankind, comprise the foundation myth of the Western occult tradition. "Lucifer: Princeps" is a study of origins, a portrait of the first ancestor of witchcraft and magic. In tracing the genealogy of Lucifer, the principles that underlie the ritual forms that have come down to us, through the grimoires and folk practices, are illuminated. Grey draws on the extensive literature of history, religion and archaeology, as well as the advances of recent scholarship, which render previous works on Lucifer, however well intentioned, out of date. Intended to be the definitive text on Lucifer for the witch, magician and student of the grimoires, Princeps spans from the original flood myth and legends of divine teachers to the Church Fathers, notably Augustine, Origen and Tertullian. The tales of the Garden of Eden, the Nephilim, of the fall of Helel ben Šahar and the Prince of Tyre, the nature of Azazel, and the creation of the Satan are drawn into a narrative that binds Genesis and Revelation via the Enochian tradition. The story of the Serpent in the Garden and that of Lucifer are revealed to be a singular myth whose true significance had been lost and can now be restored. This volume is the first in a two volume work; the companion volume, Praxis, is due to be published in 2016. NEW book, Fine in fine dust jacket. Item #52406

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