Item #54646 Typescripts: a typescript of an essay: "Gambling With The World." Frater ACHAD, Charles Stansfeld Jones.

Typescripts: a typescript of an essay: "Gambling With The World."

NP, ND (1948). An unbound typescript. Nine leaves of 11" x 8.5" typing paper (text on rectos only). "Gambling With The World," is an occult essay with numerous references to Crowley and Thelema that was published in the magazine the "Occult Press Review" in 1923. In the early 1930s Jones hoped to make a living out of writing, even taking lessons of sorts and acquiring a literary agent. It was probably around then that he decided to gather together copies of all his earlier writings, and presumably having lost his original copy of this essay, made a copy of it from an issue he owned or borrowed (under the title and author's name, the typescript is headed "Copied from the Occult Press Review - June, 1923). Charles Stansfeld Jones (Frater Achad, 1886-1950) was for a number of years Aleister Crowley's chief disciple. For a time Crowley regarded Jones as his "magical son", born of his sex magical workings with Jeanne Foster in 1915, and also identified him as the child prophesied in "The Book of the Law," but questions and mistrust arose, and Jones' association with both Crowley and the O.T.O. became increasingly fraught until he was formally expelled from the Order by Crowley in 1936. The relationship was probably not helped by Jones having joined another esoteric group, the Universal Brotherhood, in the early 1920s. He appears to have become head ("Mahaguru") of that organization in 1928, a position which he apparently held up to his death. The typescript is from the archives of John P. Kowal (1900–1978), Charles Stansfeld Jones' successor as Mahaguru of the Universal Brotherhood, who inherited a vast quantity of Jones' papers. A few creases at edges, but over all VG + condition. Was $200.00. Item #54646