Alchemical Pleiade. Translated and, Lenny Pedersen.

Alchemical Pleiade.

Daito-cho, Japan: Lapis Publications, [ 2016 ]. First Edition. Softcover. Octavo. 310pp. Illustrated softcovers. IMPORT. From the publisher: "This, the Second of the Three Keys of the F.A.R.+C. treatises on the Cinnabar Path, consists of a collection of official documents of the Rosicrucian Order, written by various Adepts of the Alchemical Temple of Ajunta and compiled by Roger Caro, the last Grandmaster of the Brotherhood, for publication in book format to share the teachings on this Way of the Magnum Opus will fellow alchemists outside of the F.A.R.+C. Educating the reader on the theory, philosophy, mechanics and practice of this Path, but doing so by way of symbolism and eerily accurate biblical analogies, as well as through association with various alchemical treatises of old, the Alchemical Pleiade is a profoundly fascinating work that has never before been officially translated into English. One is escorted through the secrets of the Via Cinnabaris by way of a fascinating journey through the Pater Noster, the Creed, the Holy Mass, Genesis, the life of Moses, a numerical enigma of the Turba Philosophorum and more. It has long been known that many alchemical secrets are found in sacred scripture and that The Holy Bible is a veritable treasure trove of teachings on the Royal Art. The papers by the Elder Brothers of the Rose+Cross found within the pages of this book illustrate this most potently and, by means thereof, convey all one needs to know to understand the mechanics and labor of the Cinnabar Path to attainment of the Philosopher's Stone". Print on demand production values. Unused copy with just a light bump to corners otherwise near Fine condition. Item #55281
ISBN: 9784990663629

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