The Crown Prince of the Sabbat; ( First Book of The Devil's Witchcraft )

NP [ Spain ]: Primal Craft Occult Publishing, 2017. First Edition [ Ars Diaboli Edition ]. Hardcover. Octavo. 420pp. + viiipp. Bound in black faux suede with gilt lettering to spine and elaborate gilt seal to upper board. The Ars Diaboli edition, limited to 999 copies hand-numbered & consecrated by the author, this copy also signed and sigililzed by the author on the limitation page. "The Crown Prince of the Sabbat" is the third volume of Smith's trilogy "The Books of the Way of Sacrifice", a closely woven trilogy which consists of three inner books, "each revealing legendary power of the Olde Ways, attained through the Arte of Bloody Sacrifice". The formula within this book is the first extract of ritual gnosis and power held within the Devil's Grimoire, the vast vortex of knowledge and wisdom that yields a greater understanding of the Ars Diaboli - the Devil's Witchcraft of our Great Crown Prince who elevates devoted souls in Pure Witchflame. For the devotees of Primal Craft this tome completes the Sacrificial Trilogy, igniting the Devil's Arte, but for those new to this Arte this may be used as a standalone tome - for the true purpose of this Book of the Devil's Witchcraft is to empower the individual in incarnate and spiritual form. The manifestation of desires is achieved alongside the acquisition of the ancient power of the Dark Prince of the Witchflame Arte; the Ars Diaboli. The rites within grant individual empowerment that is unmatched. All copies are individually consecrated as Gateways of Primal Witchflame and portals to the source of their power - the Gods themselves. Crown Prince of the Sabbat is consecrated as both Key and Gate to the Devil's Throne. The original text was blessed and ignited with sacrificial mammalian blood. This is a single print run, there will be no second edition. NEW book, thus in Fine condition in publisher's plain paper protective dust jacket which is VG condition (not shown in photo). Large heavy book may require additional shipping. Item #57898


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