(h)Auroræ [ HAurorae ]. Gabriel MCCAUGHRY, Signed., Shani Oates.

(h)Auroræ [ HAurorae ].

Montreal, Canada: Anathema Publishing, 2018. Deluxe Limited Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. 5.25 x 8.5 inches. 304 pages. Full black bonded leather with gilt blocking on rounded spine and upper cover. Spectacularly illustrated colour endpapers. Illustrated throughout in colour and b&w by José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal, printed on archive-quality paper. Preface by Shani Oates (Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain, and author of "Tubelos Green Fire", "Crafting the Arte of Tradition", and "The Devils Supper". The Deluxe edition, limited to 100 individually numbered, signed & glyphed copies. From the publisher: "(h)Auroræ is Gabriel McCaughrys first published manuscript, a tome which correlates directly with the Anathema Publishing mandate, and his views and methodologies on alchemical book-making. This is very much a continuation in the spirit of his previous contributions to the PILLARS occult periodical (and elsewhere), but within (h)Auroræ these concepts are fully developed and actualized. McCaughry writes: 'This Opus Alchymicum is presented in a certain “light” and, at its core, (h)Auroræ is centred on the sempiternal theosophical discourse which sparks anew the Flame of Old within the heart of the predisposed reader, struggling, yet inclined, to separate the subtil from the dross so that we may uncover our inner philosophers stone or perfected being'. " NEW book - in fine condition with card. (no dust jacket issue). Item #60125

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