Essays, Volume Seven ( Essays 7 ).

Berkeley, CA: Privately published ( J. Edward Cornelius ), 2018. First Edition thus. Hardcover. Octavo. Fine black cloth (consistent with other clothbound volumes in the series), with gilt titling to spine. Edition limited to 200 signed copies (not numbered), signed by Jerry and Erica Cornelius on the limitation page. The seventh volume of Cornelius' limited edition "Essays" series which Jerry and Erica describe: 'We begin with “THE WARRIOR TROUBADOUR: A Biography of Grady Louis McMurtry.” This piece was originally published in Red Flame, A Thelemic Research Journal No.1 (1994) in an issue titled “The Poetry of Grady Louis McMurtry.” After Grady’s biography we include an essay titled ON THINKING BACKWARDS, MAGICKAL MEMORY AND CAUSE AND EFFECT by J. Edward Cornelius. After this essay we include part III, Section XV of “ON THE SCARLET WOMAN,” being the conclusion. Part I appeared in ESSAYS No.5 and included sections I-X, while Part II or sections XI-XIV appeared in ESSAYS No.6.' This volume concludes with a collection of essays, some written by Jerry and some by Erica Cormelius: 1. "On the Fifty Gates of Understanding and Their Importance in the New Aeon"; 2. "On the New Daughter: New-Aeonic Change in the Tetragrammaton Formula"; 3. "On Character as Cause"; 4. "On the Square"; 5. "On What it Means to 'Go Within'; 6. "On Polarity" ; 7. "On the Stimulation of the Muladhara Chakra"; 8. "On Knots"; 9. "On Why Adepts Write Autobiography"; 10. "On How to Avoid Superstition While Embracing Spirituality"; 11. "On the Magickal Motto"; 12. "On Crossing the Planes"; 13. "On Writing the Magickal Essay"; 14. "On the Three Hierophantic Tasks". NEW book, in Fine condition (no dust jacket as issued). Item #61391

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