Caduceus: The Hermetic Quarterly, Spring 1995, Vol. 1, No. 1 Winter, 1996 - Vol. 2, No. 4 (Eight consecutive issues).

Seattle, WA: Cinnabar, 1996. First Edition. Softcover. Octavo. Eight consecutive issues. A total 320pp. (40pp. each issue). Attractively illustrated printed stapled wrappers, B/w illustrations, many full page alchemical illustrations, list of references. Eight consecutive issues, the first two years, of this quarterly journal edited by Al Billings and John Michael Greer, and published from 1995-1997. "Caduceus" focused on the Hermetic tradition in its broadest sense, including esoteric philosophy, Qabalah, ceremonial magic, alchemy, and the systems of thought and practice associated with Hermetic orders such as the Golden Dawn and the Martinist Order. The goal of the journal was the creation of a bridge between the academic world and the world of the practicing Hermeticist, in which scholars and practitioners of the Hermetic arts and traditions can find common ground and it thus includes articles from a range of perspectives - scholarly, theoretical, and practical. These issues include the essays: Botticelli's Primavera: Depiction of the Hermetic Octave (Dr. Paul Newland) ; ARS MEMORATIVA, An Introduction To The Hermetic Art of Memory Part I (John Michael Greer); Ritus Minor Olympicus ad Pentagrammo Expellendum:The Olympic Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (John Opsopaus); The Silent Language,.(Joscelyn Godwin) Two For Sacred Geometers (John Michael Greer ); ARS MEMORATIVA: An Introduction To The Hermetic Art of Memory Part II (John Michael Greer) ; Concerning the True System of Astrological Divination: A Golden Dawn Knowledge Lecture. A Light In Darkness: A Seventeenth-Century Commentary on (John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica); On the Trail of Hermes, (LeGrand Cinq-Mars) ; Personal, Political and Magical; (LeGrand Cinq-Mars ); Ground Exceeding Small (John Michael Greer ); The Hebrew of the Mutus Liber (Rawn Clarck); Having and Keeping Secrets: Some Words About Silence and The Hermetic Art of Secrecy; (Earl King, Jr); .Mutus Liber:Wherein All Operations of Hermetic Philosophy Are Described and Represented, Part 1 (Kjell Hellesøe ); Light In Extension (John Michael Greer) ; Ancient Harmonies (John Michael Greer); The Rotation of the Elements (John Opsopaus); An Interview with Jean Dubuis (Mark Stavish); Mutus Liber: Wherein All Operations of Hermetic Philosophy Are Described and Represented, Part II (Kjell Hellesøe); Opening the Fludd Gates (John Michael Greer) ; Byways of Esoteric History (John Michael Greer); Qabalah in Three Dimensions (John Michael Greer). The Method of Judging Questions according to (Peter de Abano of Padua); A Medieval Handbook of Geomancy; The Rousing of the Citadels of the Ordo Lux Kethri (Rawn Clark); A Zodiacal Ritual Formula (Paul Hume); Deciphering the Golden Dawn (John Michael Greer); A Lamp for the Scholarly Pilgrim (John Michael Greer); Calling Spirits from the Vasty Deep (John Michael Greer) ;Avoiding the Other (John Michael Greer) ; A Different Kind of Four-Letter Word (John Michael Greer); The Cosmopolitan Compiled (Mark Stavish). Medieval Methods of Geomancy, Part One: Basic Techniques (John Michael Greer); The "Arabic" Parts of the Original Rosicrucian Documents (John Eberly); Hermetic History - Erase It or Face It (LeGrand Cinq-Mars); Talismans and Planetary Squares (Al Billings); Unfamiliar Harmonies (John Michael Greer ); The Black Arts by the Golden Horn (John Michael Greer); Treatise pm the Quintessence of Wine or the Stone Made from Wine (Kjell Hellesoe); On The Emerald Tablets (Rawn Clark); Mediaval Methods of Geomancy, Pt II, advanced Techniques. The Tree of Life Projected in the Third Dimension (Darcy Kuntz); On the Philosophy of Hermetic Swordsmanship (John Michael Greer); Our Father Rosicross in his Tomb, on the Vault of the Adepts, Pt I (Carl Hood Jr); Hermetic Alchemy (Kenneth Stein). Book Reviews in all issues. Wrappers show light shelfwear and browning, all are unmarked. Thus VG+ condition. Hard to find. Item #62218

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