An Original Handwritten Menu Card for a meal he served on [ Thursday], January 19 [1939]. Aleister CROWLEY.

An Original Handwritten Menu Card for a meal he served on [ Thursday], January 19 [1939].

NP, [ 1939 ]. A plain white 4" x 3" card with rounded corners and the word "Menu" gilt stamped in relief at the top . Written on the card, in Crowley's hand, is "Lunch Jan 19 / Macassar Fish biscuits / Faisan Mt. St. Elias / Bradenham Ham / Avocado and Endive Salad / Nuits St. Georges '29 / Stilton Cheese / Café – Liqueurs." (Crowley has overwritten another word with Macassar - as in "Macassar fish biscuits" - which seem to have been a favourite of his). Not content with being a magician, mountaineer, painter and poet, Crowley was also an accomplished chef, who throughout his life enjoyed inventing, cooking and serving a wide variety of meals. He was arguably a pioneer of what is now known as 'fusion cuisine', and was so enthusiastic about his culinary abilities that he tried several times to open his own restaurant: one plan was for something called 'The Black Magic Café' surely a precursor of today's theme restaurant, whilst another, to be called, 'Le Petit Potage', was to be a more traditional 'upscale' establishment. At some stage in 1938 he acquired a set of blank menu cards, on which he recorded the menus of meals which he either simply planned (perhaps for one of his ill-fated restaurant ventures), served to guests, or sometimes ate alone. Crowley does not mention dining with anyone else in his diary entry for Jan 19, 1939, although a few days earlier he wrote of a "Day completely blank of all but cooking" so clearly this was one of the periods when he was quite focussed on food. A little dusty, overall VG+ condition. Item #62833


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