Erklärung [ über ] ... To Mega Therion .. der Weltlehrer. Aleister: related works CROWLEY.

Erklärung [ über ] ... To Mega Therion .. der Weltlehrer ....

NP (Germany): NP, (ca. 1926). First Edition. Unbound. Single-sided printed broadsheet. 5 x 6.75 inches. Headed simply Erklarung. GERMAN TEXT. A small pledge form, in German, in which the signer declares that he or she has examined the "Manifest des To Mega Therion" and studied Crowley's works, and that they have reached the conclusion that these provide indisputable evidence that he is the World Teacher whose arrival was expected by the Theosophical Society. By the early 1920s Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater had for some time been waging a campaign promoting Jiddu Krishnamurti as the new "World Teacher" whose appearance was awaited by the Theosophical Society. The campaign caused Crowley particular affront as he regarded the position as rightfully his. In 1924, en route to Tunisia, he commenced his own 'World Teacher' campaign, with the publication of the leaflet "To Man" in which he proclaimed his Law as World Teacher, and followed it up with a number of other delarations. The Weida Conference in Germany in 1925, was intended to consolidate Crowley's position as head of all Rosicrucian groups (the conference split with one faction accepting him, and the other rejecting him). Crowley and his German followers apparently saw this as a stepping stone to his acceptance as World Teacher by members of the Theosophical Society, and this statement, a pledge form of some sort, dates from around then. From the collection of Clive Harper who is well-known as the bibliographer of Austin Osman Spare, for updating the Aleister Crowley bibliography in the 2011 Teitan Press collection of Gerald Yorke's writings, and as someone who has lent his expertise to numerous other publications. VG+ condition. Rare. Item #65119