VRIL: The Power of the Coming Race. Occult Fiction, Edward Bulwer LYTTON, Lord. New introduction Paul M. Allen.

VRIL: The Power of the Coming Race.

Blauvelt NY: Garber Communications, 1986. Reprint. Softcover. Octavo. 248pp, ii adverts. A reprint edition of this novel which was originally published anonymously under the title "The Coming Race" in 1871. Lytton was of course deeply involved in mid-nineteenth century British occult circles, and is remembered in modern times for works like "The Coming Race", "Zanoni" and "A Strange Story." From a publisher: "A curious man descends into a mountain through a mine and experiences far more than he bargained for. Deep inside the mountain lies a completely different world. Its inhabitants, the Vril-ya, are human-like but physically superior and philosophically more advanced. They live in harmony made possible by their wisdom but also by the powerful and potentially destructive magical energy: Vril." The book was very influential, with many occultists including Blavatsky and Steiner regarding "Vril" as a metaphor for a genuine type of occult energy. Appears unread but for a bit of a crease on upper rear cover - thus a tight, clean VG+ copy. Item #66054
ISBN: 0833400169