One Day, Everyone Will Be Anonymous. Hacktivism, ANONYMOUS, "Anonymous UK" "Hacktivist Collective"

One Day, Everyone Will Be Anonymous.

NP [ Cyprus ]: Imaginary Book Co., 2013. First Edition. Softcover. Small quarto. 212pp. Colour illustrated white card covers, b&w illustrations. Published in 2013 - but remarkably timely now - from the introduction: "Ten years ago it would have been infeasible for tens of thousands of individuals with no physical connection or central leadership to conceive, announce and implement a massive act of civil disobedience against a significant Western power, crippling a portion of its online infrastructure in the process - and to do all of this in a matter of days........" "In November 2012, The Imaginary Book Co. invited the 'Anonymous' hacktivist collective to share their thoughts. We wanted to try and capture something of the essence of an imaginary non-organisation, to preserve it as a time-capsule for the future. We believe we’re witnessing the birth of something important, although perhaps it’s too early to even say what it is yet: a new form of democracy? Time will tell...We assured Anonymous we would not edit, collate, correct, censor, comment upon, or judge what we received. That’s for others to do. We would simply print. We didn’t know what we’d get, if anything. What follows is what we got." A remarkable collection of texts and images. Light rubbing to covers - else unused, thus in near Fine condition. Out of print. Item #66363