Item #67269 The Messenger of the Chalice Well [ A collection of sixteen issues ]. Wellesley Tudor POLE, E. Kew Mills -, authors.

The Messenger of the Chalice Well [ A collection of sixteen issues ].

Glastonbury: Chalice Well Trust [ Devonshire Press ], 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971. First Edition. Softcover. Octavo, magazine format. 16 issues. Original stapled wrappers with photo of the Chalice Well on the covers. Sixteen non-consecutive issues of this unusual periodal comprises the following issues: No. 1: 1st Quarter 1967 (28pp); No. 2, 2nd Quarter 1967 (31pp); No. 3, 3rd Quarter 1967 (31pp); No. 4, 4th Quarter, 1967 (31pp); No. 5, 1st Quarter, 1968 (31pp); No. 6, 2nd Quarter, 1968 (31pp); No. 7, 3rd Quarter 1968 (31pp); No. 8, 4th Quarter 1968 (31pp); No. 9, 1st Quarter 1969 (39pp); No. 11, 3rd Quarter 1969 (31pp); No. 12, 4th Quarter 1969 (31pp); No. 15, 3rd Quarter 1970 (27pp); No. 16, 1st Quarter 1971 (19pp); No. 17, 2nd Quarter 1971 (23pp); No.18, 3rd Quarter 1971 (27pp); and No. 19, 4th Quarter 1971 (25pp). Founder / Editor, Wellesley Tudor Pole (1884 - 1968) was a spiritualist and occasional follower of the Bahá'í faith with a lifelong mystical quest of this own. Pole authored many pamphlets and books including his an autobiography: "The Silent Road. In the Light of Personal Experience". His interest in the "holy grail" led to his purchase of the "Chalice Well", aka the "Red Spring" and the founding of the Chalice Well Trust in 1959. The Chalice Well was a natural aquifer that was often associated with various legends and myths surrounding Glastonbury and King Arthur - and was considered to be, in its own right, a natural "centre of sanctity, healing and peace." The "Messenger of the Chalice Well" was a short lived magazine commenced by Pole in 1967 and devoted to the Chalice Well of Glastonbury. Following Pole's death in 1969 the magazine was taken over for several years by E. Kew Mills. Each issue includes editorial, essays & poetry by various authors, b&w illustrations and adverts. The essays tend to be largely focussed on Glastonbury, the Well, the Abbey, and mysticism, although some are decidely spiritualist whilst others stray into fields as diverse as animal welfare and alternative health. Some light wear to all issues, Vol I (only) is lacking its rear wrapper and has a vertical crease. Otherwise all are just lightly worn, intact, complete and unmarked. Overall a VG collection of this fragile and scarce journal. Item #67269

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