Item #67872 The Witchblood Grail. Mark Alan. SIGNED SMITH.

The Witchblood Grail.

NP [ Spain ]: Primal Craft Occult Publishing, 2015. First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. 394pp. Bound in blood red faux suede with gilt lettering to spine and gilt "Gateway of The Dragon-flame Grail" to upper board and the seal of "The Infernal Serpent" to rear board. The Dragon Flame Edition, limited to 999 copies hand-numbered SIGNED & consecrated and sigilised by the author. "Witchblood Grail" is the second volume of Smith's trilogy "The Books of the Way of Sacrifice", a closely woven trilogy which consists of three inner books, "each revealing legendary power of the Olde Ways, attained through the Arte of Bloody Sacrifice. From the author: "The knowledge within this book was bestowed by the spirits of the Witchflame Arte in the name of Hecate and Her Kin. The rituals may be used collectively or be singularly adapted to the path of the individual. Independent practitioners of the Magickal Spiritual Arte will find empowerment through the rites of sacrifice and blood within this tome. For the devotees of Primal Witchflame this is the essential companion to The Altar of Sacrifice. The rites within grant the gnosis of temple initiation and the completion of the formula of the Four Pillars of Flame - the successive performance of which enfleshes the Bones of the Great Beast with each drop of blood, ultimately awakening and manifesting the Maw of the Dragon; opening the Gateway to the Devil's Throne. The Witchblood Grail carries gnosis of the Dragon Flame current, ensorcelled within sacrificial blood work by the spirits of Witchcraft that dwell within Belial's Flesh. This second volume consists of the Four Inner Books of the Flesh."Contents - Book One: The First Inner Book Of The Flesh The Book Of Initiated Blood: 1 The Book Of Souls, 2 The Path Of The Outcast, 3 The Fetish Lord, 4 The Crowned Lord Of Illumination, 5 Toadstone Familiars. Book Two: The Book Of Forbidden Flesh: 6 The Rites Of Body And Soul, 7 The Sacrificial Priestess, 8 Blood Of The Serpent Lord, 9 The Seed Of Mumman, 10 The Eye Of The Dark Queen, 11 The Black Temple Of Sepheranz. Book Three: The Book Of Malefic Blood: 12 Wings Of Lucifer, 13 Flight Of The Raven, 14 Horned Lord Of Death, 15 Demons Of The Skull Gate, 16 Gate Of The Scythe Bearers, 17 The Feast Of The Horsemen. Book Four: The Book Of The Devil's Throne: 18 Gateway Of The Devil's Throne, 19 The Devil's Crown, 20 The Devil's Flesh Of Lord Belial, 21 The Dragon Witch God. Appears unread, thus a lovely copy in about Fine condition. (no dust jacket issued). Somewhat large and heavy thus we may need additional shipping on international orders. Item #67872

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