Serpent Songs. Nicholaj de Mattos FRISVOLD, authors.

Serpent Songs.

UK: Scarlet Imprint, 2013. First Edition [ Sylvan Edition ]. Hardcover. Large octavo. 224pp. Fine sage green cloth with black and gilt serpent design to upper board and to spine, gilt titling to spine, black endpages patterned in gilt, bibliography. B&w illustrations, photos. Edition limited to 750 hand-numbered copies. Serpent Songs are the works and words of practitioners from Cunning Folk to Exorcists to Pellars to Sorgin and Witches and Mystics. A collection of fifteen essays are introduced and curated by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold through whose contacts we encounter the worlds of lone practitioners and tradition holders, from both family and clan, and are allowed a rare glimpse into the workings of the more secretive proponents of the Craft. Serpent Songs contains the works of Cornish and Basque witchcraft, the relatively unknown Swedish Trolldom, the persecuted Bogomils, and Italian Stregoneria. Contents are: "Prelude: The Other Blood" - Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold; "The Witch's Cross" - Gemma Gary; "The Spirit of True Blood" - Shani Oates; "Lezekoak" - Arkaitz Urbeltz; "A Gathering of Light and Shadows" - Stuart Inman and Jane Sparkes; "The Fall and Rise of an English Cunning One" - Tony MacLeod; "Stregoneria, A Roman Furnace" - Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold; "But the House of my Father Will Stand " - Xabier Bakaikoa Urbeltz; "Bucca and the Cornish Cult of Pellar" - Steve Patterson; "Exorcists, Conjurors and Cunning Men in Post-Reformation England" - Richard Parkinson; "The Liturgy of Taboo" - Francis Ashwood; "Trolldom" - Johannes Gardback; "Bogomilian and Byzantine influences on Traditional Craft" - Radomir Ristic; "But to Assist the Soul's Interior Revolution, the art of Andrew Chumbley and aspects of Sabbatic Craft" - Anne Morris; "Passersby: Potential, Crossroads & Wayfaring on the Serpent's Road" - Jesse Hathaway Diaz; "The Mysteries of Beast, Blood and Bone" - Sarah Lawless. Out of print in hardcover. Appears unused - thus a tight, and unmarked Fine copy (no dust jacket). Item #68045

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