Matrkabheda Tantra 7. Twilight Worship. Maharaj LOKANATHA, From the David Tibet collection.

Matrkabheda Tantra 7. Twilight Worship.

London: (Sothis-Weirdglow), ND (ca. 1980). First Edition. Softcover. Octavo. 8pp. Yellow stapled paper wrappers with titling and illustration in black on covers. As far as we can determine this is the first English translation of the seventh chapter of the Matrkabheda Tantra which focuses in particular on the importance of the guru in the Natha school. From the library of British artist, writer and musician DAVID TIBET (founder of the music group Current 93) with his TINY OWNERSHIP SIGNATURE and acquisition date 26-VIII-81 ev in the upper margin of the first page. Although the translator is anonymous it was almost certainly Lokanath Maharaj, which is the initiated name of Michael Magee (b. 1949), a journalist and writer, who is most widely known as a former editor of "Sothis" magazine, and more recently for his books on tantra and translations of tantric texts. In 1978, he travelled to India and met Dadaji: Shri Paramahamsha Mahendranath (born Lawrence Amos Miles: 1911-1991), an Englishman who is said to have had a youthful acquaintance with Aleister Crowley and who in later life embraced Indic religion and Tantrism, becoming a guru of the northern Indian Uttarakaula Tantric Order having received initiation under Shri Pagala Baba of Ranchi, Bihar. Magee was given instruction and initiation into the Order by Dadaji, and took the tantrik name of Lokanath. He was also given a charter to teach and form his own group, which he did back in England, where in 1982 he founded "Arcane Magical Order of the Knights of Shambhala (AMOOKOS). Magee began his study of Sanskrit in 1976, and since has devoted much of his time to the study of the language and the translation of tantric texts. Modest "fanzine" type production values. Wrappers show ordinary wear and signs of handling, edges chafed and darkened, light creasing, staples a bit rusty. Still a tight, clean VG copy. Item #68492

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