Azoth, No. 16 (with loosely inserted AMOOKOS broadsheet). DADAJI - main contributor., Jan Magee., Elias Ashmole, John Dee, Shri Dadaji Gurudev Mahendranath, From the David Tibet collection.

Azoth, No. 16 (with loosely inserted AMOOKOS broadsheet).

England: NP Azoth / Sothis-Weirdglow, ND ( ca. 1984 ). First Edition. Softcover. Stapled booklet. Octavo. 22pp, Each issue in bright red stapled wrappers with titling and dover design in black. B&w illustrations. From the library of British artist, writer and musician DAVID TIBET (founder of the music group Current 93) who was, for a short time, a member of AMOOKOS. With his OWNERSHIP SIGNATURE as "Pavo Kapilanath" in the upper margin of the first page. [Frater] "Pavo" was his magical name as as a member of the Typhonian OTO and ri] Kapilanath his name as a member of AMOOKOS: in this case it is a combination of both. This issue includes "The Yoni Tantra," and transcriptions of "Elias Ashmole's Introduction to his copy of John Dee's "Libri Mysteriorum" with an account of how he came by them" and "Elias Ashmole's Copy of John Dee's First Action with Edward Kelley (Here Designated Edward Talbot) on March 10 1582." Also a list of "One Hundred and Seventy-one Names of God". There is an essay on comparative religion/magick entitled "The Eater of the Ass" and two poems, one anonymous and one by Dadaji. Loosely inserted is a folded A4 broadsheet describing AMOOKOS and inviting those interested in joining it to send a written application. "Azoth" was self described as "The Magazine of AMOOKOS and the Concord". AMOOKOS ("Arcane Magical Order of the Knights of Shambhala) was a group teaching a blend of Eastern Mysticism (in particular tantric practices) with Western magick, that was founded by in 1982 by "Azoth's" editor, Michael Magee, who was also one of the former editors of "Sothis" magazine. Magee (b. 1949), founded the group under the auspices of Dadaji: Shri Paramahamsha Mahendranath (born Lawrence Amos Miles: 1911-1991), an Englishman who is said to have had a youthful acquaintance with Aleister Crowley and who in later life embraced Indic religion and Tantrism, and became a guru of the northern Indian Uttarakaula Tantric Order. The Concord is described as "a loose federation of people, groups and magazines whose only aim is seeking to promote mutual understanding and tolerance in the occult world" although it's few publications closely reflect those of "Azoth." As with this issue, "Azoth" was largely devoted to tantrism with eacu issue containig a number of pieces by Dadaji, as well as writings and translations by Magee, althouh there were also occasional pieces on western magical groups and practices. Better quality fanzine-type production values. VG+ condition and quite scarce. Item #68707