Item #69208 Exu. The Quimbanda of Night and Fire. Nicholaj de Mattos FRISVOLD, Peter Grey, Troy Chambers.

Exu. The Quimbanda of Night and Fire .

UK: Scarlet Imprint, 2012. First Edition. Hardcover. Large octavo. vi + 336pp Black patterned silk with red lettering to spine and art paper panel on upper board depicting Exu Caveira, bright red textured endpapers, glossary & bibliography, index. Ten portraits of Exu in pen and ink by Enoque Zedro, and over 120 of his pontos riscados/seals. The "Caveira edition" limited to 769 numbered copies. From the publisher: "Many will be drawn to this book by the prospect of possession work and necromantic practice, they will not be disappointed. It is a veritable Devil's Bible. The most definitive work on Exu available in English. For students of the grimoires, Satanism and Traditional Witchcraft, as well as those drawn to or working within the cults of Quimbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Palo Mayombe and the ATRs. Exu is the fusion of Umbanda, Angolan sorcery, European demonology and Kardec's spiritsm, manifesting into a uniquely Brazilian cult of practical magical action. Spells, workings, hierarchies and origins are all given in detail. Magical lore, heresies and history which has absorbed aspects of Goetia, Grimorium Verum, Red Dragon and Huysman's La Bas. In "Exu & the Quimbanda of Night and Fire" Frisvold gives explicit workings for good and ill, a herbarium and details of offerings, powders and baths, songs and seals. He discusses the fearsome Exu Mor for the first time, a subject not treated in his previous works." Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold is an anthropologist and psychologist who over the course of the last fifteen years been studying, both academically and practically, African and Afro-derived cults in the New World. This has led to initiations into Vodou, both from Benin and Haiti, Santeria, Kimbanda, Palo Mayombe and Ifá. He belongs to the council of elders in the Ogboni society of Abeokuta, Nigeria. This is a significant expansion of the material first presented by Frisvold in his early work on the subject Kiumbanda. He has for the last decade lived in Brazil where his studies and involvement in traditional forms of metaphysics, faith, cult and witchcraft is a constant theme in his life. His previous works include "Palo Mayombe" and "Pomba Gira" also published by Scarlet Imprint. Appears as new - thus a tight, bright near Fine copy. Now out-of-print. Item #69208