The Scarlet Woman and the Ancient Mercurial Serpent, and Other Essays.

Prescott AZ:, 2022. Third, Printing [ First Paperback Edition, revised ]. Softcover. Octavo. 336pp + vi publisher's catalogue, b&w illustrated title page and in text illustrations. Edition limited to 111 copies. Includes an Introduction by Jerry Cornelius, and also Appendixes entitled: "The Scarlet Women", "On the Scarlet Woman" and "On the Phases of the Moon". The Cornelius' describe the text thus: "It is no secret that an Adeptus Minor (5=6) in Tiphereth has a two-fold role. As an Outer Adept they shine the light of their Sun toward the Earth, while an Inner Adept turns around and faces the infinite stars of Nuit and of BABALON. The avatar, according to Crowley, is the Balance between these roles. The avatar acts as a channel bringing Gnosis from Above to the Below. The receiver on Earth can be either female or male, claiming the title of a Scarlet Woman or the Beast. This masterfully kaleidoscopic new book carefully discloses the feminine formula in New-Aeonic Magick. What you do with your formula is your own business." NEW book. Fine condition. Item #70121
ISBN: 9781946585219

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