Item #70407 Werewolf Histories ( Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic ). Werewolves, Willem de BLÉCOURT.
Werewolf Histories ( Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic ).

Werewolf Histories ( Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic ).

New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. No Edition / Printing Indicated. Hardcover. Octavo. xii + 260pp. Colour illustrated papered boards. Index. From the 'Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic' series. From the publisher: ""Today, werewolves are primarily known through films: as humans who change into wolves under the influence of the full moon. Although this is a recent image, werewolves have a long, fragmented and discontinuous history. Werewolf Histories is the first academic book in English to address European werewolf history and folklore from antiquity to the twentieth century. On the basis of mostly new source material, varying from archaeological finds, demonological tracts, witchcraft trials, slander suits and nineteenth - and twentieth - century legends, its contributors cover the most important European werewolf territories, ranging from Scandinavia to Germany, France and Italy, and from Croatia to Estonia. Werewolf Histories calls for a more sophisticated, contextualised, and differentiated approach and hopes to be contagious enough to spawn more of its kind." Essays: The Differentiated Werewolf: An Introduction to Cluster Methodology by Willem de Blécourt; Good to Think: Wolves and Wolf-Men in the Graeco-Roman World by Richard Gordon; Into the Wild — Old Norse Stories of Animal Men by Christa Agnes Tuczay; Before the Werewolf Trials: Contextualising Shape-Changers and Animal Identities in Medieval North-Western Europe by Aleksander Pluskowski; ‘What about Some Good Wether?’ Witches and Werewolves in Sixteenth-Century Italy by Matteo Duni; ‘Species’, ‘Phantasia’, ‘Raison’: Werewolves and Shape-Shifters in Demonological Literature by Johannes Dillinger; The Judge’s Lore? The Politico-Religious Concept of Metamorphosis in the Peripheries of Western Europe by Rita Voltmer; The Werewolf in the Popular Culture of Early Modern Germany by Rolf Schulte; Estonian Werewolf History by Merili Metsvahi; The Werewolf in Nineteenth-Century Denmark by Michèle Simonsen; Dead Bodies and Transformations: Werewolves in Some South Slavic Folk Traditions by Maja Pasaric. Index. "As new" thus a bright clean copy in Fine condition (no dust jacket issued). Item #70407
ISBN: 9781137526335


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