Item #70565 Þ U R S A K Y N G I - L O K I ( Volume II ) [ Thursakyngi / Pursakyngi ]. Johan "Shamaatae" Lahger EKORTU, also known as VEXIOR 218.

Þ U R S A K Y N G I - L O K I ( Volume II ) [ Thursakyngi / Pursakyngi ].

Finland: Ixaxaar Occult Literature, September, 2016. First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. 270pp. Black leatherette with gilt lettering to spine and gilt Sword and golden Útgarðaloki to upper board. Illustrated, includes symbols and sigils related to the ritual work. This leatherette-bound hardcover edition limited to 950 copies. The second volume in the Þursakyngi series is described as a grimoire focused on the Sorcerous Praxis of the Thursatru Tradition, described as a guide or the Thursatruar towards and through the initiatory stages of the Cult of Loki. It is said to reveal a Thursian Perspective on Loki as it is perceived according to the gnosis of the author; continues with an assemblage of texts which are meant to prepare the Thursatruar for the Initiatory Workings, with subjects such as Trollskapr; explores the proper way to cleanse, consecrate, and empower, Hvergelmisvatn - how to light a magical fire - Knot Magic - how to harvest plant parts - the Runes used in Thursian Sorcery - Runic Numerology - the Disharmonic activation of the Thursian powers of the Runes - the Secret Runes of Loki and Loptr - Fella Blótspánn where an old divination method has been re-created and personalized to suit the Thursian approach and much more. Guides the Thursatruar in creating and empowering the threefold Lævateinn Fetish and its Mound Throne, to be placed on the Altar of Loki. Includes instructions concerning how to create the proper Thursian Altar of Loki and its tools, materials, and elements are given. Loki closes with which gives the invocations and prayers of the Thursian Cult. Still with the original black plastic bag with large paper Ixaxaar seal with which it was sent out. Appears unused, thus in Fine condition (no dust jacket issued). Item #70565

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