Item #72035 An unbound typescript of Liber Israfel, Sub Figura LXIV (Publication in Class B). Aleister Crowley, Allan BENNETT, Edited etc. by Aleister Crowley.

An unbound typescript of Liber Israfel, Sub Figura LXIV (Publication in Class B).

NP, ND (Circa 1920s - 1930s). A carbon typescript of "Liber Israfel, Sub Figura LXIV" printed in blue on the rectos only of 5 sheets of 10 1/4 x 8 inch typing paper, secured in the top left corner with a metal eyelet, and with two holes for a ring binder punched in the left binder. As always the typescript is undated, but the blue ink of the carbon and the paper type and size are typical of one of the varieties of typescripts that were produced for Crowley by various of his secretaries in the 1920s. Crowley wrote that "Liber Israfel, was "formerly called Anubis" and he described it as "an instruction in a suitable method of preaching." It is, in simpler terms, an Invocation to Thoth, that was written by Allan Bennett and revised by Aleister Crowley and was accepted as a Class B publication of the A.'. A.'. The text was considered lost for some time, until a copy was found amongst the papers belonging to Allan Bennett. It was fist published in "The Equinox Vol. I, No. 7" (1912) and then remained out-of-print until "The Equinox" series was reprinted by Weiser in 1972. By the 1920s copies of the volumes of the first series of "The Equinox" were already difficult to locate, and this typescript would have been made at Crowley's behest, either for his personal use, for use in a planned volume that never came to pass, or for circulation amongst his followers. Pages lightly toned, and with a few "dog-ears" and small chips to lower front corner, still VG+. Obviously rare. Item #72035