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The business is now in its 95th year as one of the world's leading suppliers of rare, secondhand, and out-of-print books on comparative religion, mysticism, and the occult. We currently list nearly 10,000 books, letters, manuscripts, and artworks on this website, with fresh stock added weekly. While we cover a broad range of subjects, our specialties include: Aleister Crowley, Alchemy, Hermetica, Eastern Religions, Rosicrucianism, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Tarot, Theosophy, Mysticism, Myths and Legends, Magick and Witchcraft. To search this website simply click in the 'Search our stock' window at the top of the toolbar on the left, or for a more refined search click on the 'Advanced search' button below it. You can also view recent arrivals by clicking on the 'New Arrivals' button to the left.

In addition to the books that we list on our site we also issue regular 'on-line' catalogs that allow us to showcase particular collections or subjects. A new catalogue posts every other week on Thursdays at Noon EST (Boston time).  To view the most recent of these catalogs click on the 'Current catalog' button to the left. If you would like to receive email notifications when we post a new catalog, simply click on the 'sign up for our mailing list' window at the left. You can unsubscribe at any time simply by sending us an email. Remember though, that our catalogs are in addition to the stock that we post regularly on our website.



JULY 10th -   Our next catalogue will post next Thursday, July 16th - and will feature books of "MAGICK".  Also -  keep an eye on our "Featured books" this weekend as we will be adding a few limited edition titles.


We've restocked signed copies of Richard Kaczynski's  "Panic in Detroit, The Magician in Motor City, Revised and Expanded.  Blue Equinox Centennial Edition" (in Featured Books below) - AND we still have a few copies of Michael Bertiaux's: "Monastery of the Seven Rays First Year Course".


We kicked off 2020 with Catalogue 236 - the first of a series of very special ALEISTER CROWLEY lists - in which we will be dispersing one of the finest Crowley collections in private hands.  We are excited about handling this amazing collection and hope that you will enjoy browsing it's many treasures over the coming months. Next Crowley catalogue coming soon!!


Weiser Antiquarian Books and Covid-19

We understand that there will be very few people whose lives are not in some way affected by Covid-19, and we want to extend our very best wishes to all our customers and their families and  friends in this difficult time.  As many of you know we are located in a rural area of southern Maine and we have a very small staff, all of whom are practicing all recommended safety precautions including self-isolating and social distancing - both personally and with regard to our books and packages.  We are very grateful that at the moment our  circumstances allow us to stay up and running, and we hope to continue that way throughout the crisis.  Please be aware that we monitor updates on the virus daily to ensure that nothing we do could pose a risk to our customers. So far all sources suggest that it is safe to receive books by mail order, and that even were there to be an (unknown) infection at the place of dispatch it is very unlikely that it would be transmitted via the mail.  Thus the World Health Organisation advises that: "The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low."  In the unlikely event that the externals of a package are contaminated in transit (if for example your delivery person was infected and transmitted germs to the outside of the package) this could be addressed by simply disposing of the external wrapping straight away and washing your hands once this is done. We realize it might help our customers to have good reading material during these uncertain times - so feel free to use the extra time you may have to browse our website - and call or email with any questions.  We are here working M-F 9-5 EST.  If you order, but do not wish to have your orders shipped at this time, perhaps because you are away from your regular address, please just ask in the NOTES field of your order for us to hold your order and we will gladly do so. We can then ship upon your confirmation that you will be available to receive your order at your normal address. We can also ship to temporary addresses if you wish.  Just ask and we will do our best to help you in any way that we can.    Again, we hope that all of our friends and customers are managing to safely negotiate the hurdles that life has put in front of us all at this time.  Remember to be kind and patient- this a tough time for all.  To all, Be Well.  Marilyn, Keith and Gen.