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February 22nd   - IN OUR FEATURED BOOKS (BELOW): We have just  RESTOCKED the Deluxe Leather Edition of Stephen Skinner's "A Cunning Man's Grimoire. Also - A new title from Jerry and Erica Cornelius: "The Aleister Crowley Primer, for those who are willing to be shunned" AND and a new import from Anathema Publishing: "Pillars, Vol. 2, no. 1, Circling the Compass".


And while you are here - check out our NEW LOW prices on Kenneth Grant titles by searching Kenneth Grant in the "Author" field on the Advanced Search page.  Also have a look at our newest Catalogue # 213, Magick - Mostly Modern.  Next catalogue comes on February 28th (good thing it's not Leap Year!)


NOTE TO ALL: The US Postal Service has again this year announced a price increase on most services, including the bookrate "Media Mail" - effective January 27th.   Over the past decade  -  we have generally absorbed these annual increases  - rather than pass the higher cost on to our customers.  We have done so whenever possible again this year but some of of shipping charges have been increased by a small amount. We appreciate your understanding!


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