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May 29th 2024ev. We are currently preparing our next catalogue for posting sometime early next week.  More details will be posted here as plans unfold. 

Meanwhile, for those who enjoy the stunning work of the folks at Scarlet Imprint, many of whose bindings rise to the level of works of art --- Check out our "Featured Books" (below) here we have listed some of our present stock of SI titles a number of which are out of print and scarce.  Please note that we do have additional SI titles in our general listings. You may search those by putting the title / author / or publisher on the "Advanced Search" page.  Or send us an email inquiry at books@weiserantiquarian.com. 

NOTE:  As we previously announced, we are most sorry to say that due to changes in Customs regulations, we are no longer shipping to countries within the EU.  Please do not ask us to make exceptions.  This was NOT an easy decision and we offer our sincere apologies to our many friends in the EU who are affected by the new policy, but the additional requirements regarding foreign sales taxes have become too much of a paperwork burden to our staff.  Our advice to those EU customers who still wish to order from us - it helps a great deal to provide a shipping address outside of the EU countries, and of course the least expensive would be a friend or drop ship company in the U.S.   Let us know if you have any questions.  We are happy to help our returning EU customers find a way to purchase books from us.

About Weiser Antiquarian Books

The business is now in its 98th year as one of the world's leading suppliers of rare, secondhand, and out-of-print books on comparative religion, mysticism, and the occult. We currently list nearly 10,000 books, letters, manuscripts, and artworks on this website, with fresh stock added weekly. While we cover a broad range of subjects, our specialties include: Aleister Crowley, Comparative Religion, Alchemy, Hermetica, Eastern Religions, Rosicrucianism, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Tarot, Christian Theology, Theosophy, Mysticism, Myths and Legends, Magick and Witchcraft.

To search this website simply click in the 'Search our stock' window at the top of the toolbar on the left, and for a more refined search click on the 'Advanced search' button below it. You can also view recent arrivals by clicking on the 'New Arrivals' button to the left.  We have added a select group in "New ARRIVALS today (A new catalogue will post every 4-6 weeks: dates, time and subject matter will always be noted in the paragraph at the top of this page at least a week in advance of any catalogue.  To view the most recent of these catalogs click on the 'Current catalog' button to the left side of our homepage. If you would like to receive email notifications when we post a new catalog, simply click on the 'sign up for our mailing list' window at the left. You can unsubscribe at any time simply by sending us an email. Remember that our catalogs are in addition to the stock that we post regularly on our website.   We'll keep you posted on this page as to the date and subject of each upcoming new catalogue.