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May 13th, 2023. Thank you to everyone for their patience during our temporary closure. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, a combination of health and other issues have forced us to take this step, the first time that Weiser Antiquarian has been closed for more than 2 weeks in over twenty years. We are now hoping to re-open in the beginning of June,  the exact date not yet determined. Whilst our website will remain on-line until then, you will not be able to order any books from it until we re-open.  As soon as we know the exact date of re-opening we will post it here.

We plan to launch a catalogue shortly after our re-opening.  We have some wonderful material to go into, and we think it will be one of our biggest, and best catalogues ever. Hopefully there will be something for all interests and budgets, with items representing all of our specialty areas, and ranging from cheap paperbacks to genuinely rare books and manuscripts. Those of you who are catalogue subscribers will receive a notice about this, and thus know that we are back on-line.

While closed we will check emails occasionally, but most questions etc. will have to wait until we return. Please note, also, that as previously announced, due to changes in customs regulations, we are no longer be shipping to countries within the EU . Our apologies to our friends in the EU who are thus effected, but the additional requirements have just become to much of a burden.

Finally we would like to send a special thanks to our friends who have sent cards and emails wishing us well. We truly appreciate the sentiments and are genuinely touched. We really are fortunate that so many of our customers are also our friends.
                                     Keith, Marilyn and Gen.

About Weiser Antiquarian Books

The business is now in its 97th year as one of the world's leading suppliers of rare, secondhand, and out-of-print books on comparative religion, mysticism, and the occult. We currently list nearly 10,000 books, letters, manuscripts, and artworks on this website, with fresh stock added weekly. While we cover a broad range of subjects, our specialties include: Aleister Crowley, Alchemy, Hermetica, Eastern Religions, Rosicrucianism, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Tarot, Theosophy, Mysticism, Myths and Legends, Magick and Witchcraft.

APRIL / MAY 2023.  Please note the search functions etc. described below will be temporarily disabled while the business is closed (see top paragraph). To search this website simply click in the 'Search our stock' window at the top of the toolbar on the left, or for a more refined search click on the 'Advanced search' button below it. You can also view recent arrivals by clicking on the 'New Arrivals' button to the left.   A new catalogue will post every 3-6 weeks: dates, time and subject matter will always be posted in "News and Notes" below at least a week in advance of any catalogue.  To view the most recent of these catalogs click on the 'Current catalog' button to the left. If you would like to receive email notifications when we post a new catalog, simply click on the 'sign up for our mailing list' window at the left. You can unsubscribe at any time simply by sending us an email. Remember that our catalogs are in addition to the stock that we post regularly on our website.   We'll keep you posted on this page as to the date and subject of each upcoming new catalogue.

News and Notes:

Our most recent catalogue - "Aleister Crowley and Friends"-  may still be viewed on-line.  It comprised a broad selection of material ranging from original handwritten documents and rare first-editions by Crowley, to recent used paperbacks. A number of interesting items are still available, awaiting the right new owner. We anticipate that we will release our next catalogue at some time in May.  We will announce the exact time and day in this space about a week before, and of course subscribers will automatically receive an email notification when it is released.


We will also have a limited number of copies of Jerry Cornelius and Erica Peterson's final book in the "Essays" No, 10", the final volume in the Cornelius "Essays" series -1-10." , along with another new title by Erica Cornelius, both will be offered below in our "Featured Books".  Both new books will shortly be offered in our featured books below.