In addition to adding fresh stock to our online inventory weekly, we produce regular catalogues in our areas of specialty. Special catalogue subjects include Alchemy and Hermetica, Aleister Crowley, Magick and Grimoires, Spiritualism, and Witchcraft. We also issue our regular "Miscellany" catalogues which cover many fields of interest. If you would like to be notified when we release a new catalogue please sign up to our mailing list (on the left).

Our most recent catalogues, in descending order, are:

Catalogue 205: Alchemy and Hermetica

The catalogue comprises a general selection of mostly modern editions of works on Alchemy and Hermetica, including some unusual works on Sacred Geometry and Gnosticism, and a selection of works published by Adam McLean

Catalogue 204: Aleister Crowley & Associates

The catalogue consists of works relating to Aleister Crowley and his circle.  As usual it is a broad selection, with works ranging from original First Editions and documents, to posthumous printings, limited editions, and modern reprints

Catalogue 203: Miscellany

The two hundred and third of our internet catalogues is now available.  It is another of our "Miscellany" lists comprising a varied selection of books and ephemera on different subjects. 

Catalogue 202: Magick, Mostly Modern

As the title suggests, the catalogue comprises a very varied selection of mostly modern books on Magick and the occult arts.  Amongst the standard modern reprints, many of which are in as-new condition, there are also a number of signed copies, limited and deluxe editions, and quite scarce modern printings.

Catalogue 201: Spiritualism & Psychical Research

The catalogue comprises the usual mix of books, journals and pamphlets, on Spiritualism, Psychical Research, and related aspects of occultism.  It includes too many scarce titles to list in a small space, but amongst these are a rare early work on the planchette.

Catalogue 200: A Special Miscellany

We’ve termed it a "Special Miscellany" as almost every item in this catalogue is, in one way or another, rather specialMore than any other catalogue, we recommend that you take the time to browse through it.

Catalogue 199B: The Book of the Law

Catalogue 199b is devoted to different editions of The Book of the Law, and works relating to it.

Catalogue 199A: Aleister Crowley

Catalogue 199a consists of works relating to Aleister Crowley and his circle.  It is a very eclectic catalogue with items ranging from cheap booklets and reprints to genuine rarities.