In addition to adding fresh stock to our online inventory weekly, we produce regular catalogues in our areas of specialty. Special catalogue subjects include Alchemy and Hermetica, Aleister Crowley, Magick and Grimoires, Spiritualism, and Witchcraft. We also issue our regular "Miscellany" catalogues which cover many fields of interest. If you would like to be notified when we release a new catalogue please sign up to our mailing list (on the left).

Our most recent catalogues, in descending order, are:

Catalogue 186: Hermetica

Catalogue # 186 is another eclectic mix of scholarly and "practical" books on alchemy and kindred hermetic arts.  Many of the books are recent
releases, generally in like-new condition, from a thoughtfully put-together collection which we started dispersing last year.  It includes a small selection of books published and /or edited by Adam McLean.

Catalogue 185: Winter Miscellany

The one hundred and eighty-fifth of our internet catalogues is another of our "Miscellany" lists; it comprises a varied selection of books on different subjects, and ranges from works of considerable rarity, to recent second-hand publications.

Catalogue 184: Old "New" Stock

The one hundred and eighty-fourth of our internet catalogues is a short list of ‘old “New” stock” - that comprises brand new copies of old, mostlyout-of-print books.  The majority of these are from the stock of another dealer who recently retired.  All are new (although some show a hint of shelf-wear) and are all in Fine or near-Fine condition.  Included are a number scarce and collectable works, including some limited editions and signed copies.  All are priced at around - or less than - what one would typically expect to pay for used copies of the same books.  In most cases we have several copies of each work, so for once many of the items in the catalogue won’t disappear instantly

Catalogue 183: Aleister Crowley, and Associates

The catalogue comprises a broad-selection of works relating to Aleister Crowley and his circle.  Most of the books are attractive hard-cover editions from 1970 - 2000, although there are also some unusual earlier items. 

Catalogue 182: The Golden Dawn, Part II

The catalogue is the second of two comprising a selection of books, journals and ephemera relating to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and its various off-shoots.  The items range from original 1890s ephemera,
through some handsome 1920s editions, a varied collection of works by Israel Regardie (some of which are signed and inscribed), to modern works and reprints.