Item #43620 Liber Worth Fifteen Cents. The REAL Gnostic Catholic Masse of the American O.T.O. J. Edward Cornelius - Aleister Crowley related material.

Liber Worth Fifteen Cents. The REAL Gnostic Catholic Masse of the American O.T.O.

Berkeley, CA: The Corneliuses, 1996. First Edition. Softcover. 8 ½ x 11inches, [16pp] Quarto sheets reproduced from computer generated typesecript, bound in office-report style plastic covers with (original) tape spine. This edition limited to 56 copies, SIGNED and numbered by the author. A wicked parody of Crowley's Gnostic Catholic Mass, and its performance. Like all good parodies it works because of the author's familiarity with the subject, and because it has at least some factual basis. Thus a reference to Oreo cookies being used in place of the wafers relates to a real occurrence, when, realizing that people were arriving for a Mass, but that no wafers had been prepared, Grady McMurtry raced into his kitchen, opened a packet of Oreos. blessed them, and used them in the service. Apparently not all within the OTO saw the humor of the work, with some regarding it as a distasteful 'airing of dirty laundry,' and its release created a certain amount of controversy. This is the first publication of The REAL Gnostic Catholic Masse, which was published as a companion to the reissue of The Milkman Letters in January 1996. A change of residence meant that a small number of copies were set aside and never distributed, but the parody proved so popular that it was was re-released later that year as a Pangenetor Lodge Publication, 'Parody No. 4.' The few remaining copies of the First, signed edition have now been unearthed and are here offered for sale. Included with each is a XEROX copy (photocopy) of a special 4pp. 'key' to the publication: 'Notes used to write the parody' in which Jerry Cornelius comments on and identifies the realities behind the jokes. A fine copy. Item #43620

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