Item #70281 De Summa Rerum. Metaphysical Papers, 1675-1676 ( The Yale Leibniz Series ). Gottfried Wilhelm. Translated LEIBNIZ, G. H. R. Parkinson.

De Summa Rerum. Metaphysical Papers, 1675-1676 ( The Yale Leibniz Series ).

New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1992. First Edition. Hardcover lxiv, + 146 pp Original Latin text with English translation on opposite pages. The first volume in a series that presents original texts by G.W. Leibniz accompanied by English translations on the facing pages. This book presents a selection of 25 papers written by Leibniz early in his career to clarify in his own mind his thoughts on some major philosophical issues. Contents INTRODUCTION: 1. The Origins and Significance of the De Summa Rerum. 2. Philosophy and the Search for Primary Truths. 3. Ideas, Possibility, and God. 4. The Principles of Contradiction, Sufficient Reason, and Harmony. 5. Material Things A Phenomenalist Analysis. 6. Minds and Material Things. 7. Space and Time. 8. Atoms and the Actual Infinite. 9. Laws of Nature. 10. The Human Mind and its Relation to God. 11. Conclusion. TEXT: De Summa Rerum. 1. On Mind, the Universe, and God (2nd half ? of Dec. 1675). 2. On Matter, Motion, Minima, and the Continuum (Dec. 1675). 3. On the Secrets of the Sublime, or on the Supreme Being (11 Feb. 1676). 4. On the Seat of the Soul (Feb. 1676). 5. On the Union of Soul and Body (Feb.? 1676). 6. On Magnitude (Early? 1676). 7. Excerpts from Notes on Science and Metaphysics (18 and 22 March 1676). 8. A Meditation on the Principle of the Individual (1 April 1676). 9. On the Elements of Thinking (1st half of April 1676). 10. On Truths, the Mind, God, and the Universe (15 April 1676). 11. On Forms, or, the Attributes of God (2nd half of April 1676). 12. On Reminiscence and on the Mind's Self-reflection (2nd half of April 1676). 13. On the Origin of Things from Forms (April? 1676). 14. On Simple Forms (April 1676). 15. On the Plenitude of the World (Early? 1676). 16. Guilielmus Pacidius on the Secrets of Things (Early? 1676). 17. That a Most Perfect Being is Possible (Nov. 1676). 18. A Most Perfect Being Exists (Nov. 1676). 19. That a Most Perfect Being Exists (18-21 Nov.? 1676). 20. My Principle is Whatever can Exist and is Compatible with Others, Exists (12 Dec. 1676). 21. A Definition of God, or, of an Independent Being (Dec.? 1676). 22. A Chain of Wonderful Demonstrations about the Universe (12 Dec. 1676). 23. Thought is not Motion (Dec.? 1676). 24. On Existence (Dec. 1676). 25. Notes on Metaphysics (Dec. 1676). Issued without dust jacket. Cloth lightly faded, a hint of splaying. Otherwise VG+ (no dust jacket issued). Scarce. Item #70281

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